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Become the loudest community on Twitter (now X) so your project is impossible to ignore!

Trend on Twitter the easy way via the RaidSharksBot so your community can 1-click like, retweet and comment without having to leave your Telegram group!

Telegram Raid Bot for Twitter engagement

Elevate your Twitter game with our dynamic Telegram raid bot for unparalleled engagement! Unleash the power of seamless cross-platform interaction, revolutionizing the way your community interacts with your project.


Lack of engagement

In the digital world, a significant challenge arises: engagement gaps. While aiming for impact, limited interactions hinder progress. The main issue is establishing connections with your intended audience. Apart from just numbers, likes, comments and shares have meaningful importance.



Our Telegram raid bot addresses this lack of engagement, offering a strategy to increase the engagement your content deserves. Through RaidSharksBot we empower you to bridge the gap between your endeavors and the engagement you seek.

RaidSharksBot gamifies your Twitter raids and increases exposure.

Why should you use RaidSharksBot


Interact with Twitter content directly from Telegram through seamless integration. Enable your community to like, retweet and comment without leaving the Telegram platform.


Elevate your raiding strategy by gamifying Twitter raids. An active countdown will amplifiy community engagement and fuel anticipation for more impactful and efficient campaigns.


Experience effortless navigation with our user-friendly Telegram bot. Enjoy flexible administration that meets to your specific requirements, while also simplifying your overall experience.


Rely on a seamless and secure login process, effortlessly managed through Twitter's security token system, based on the official Twitter API. Say goodbye to additional registration steps.

$SHARX - our utility token

With a steady stream of new functions and use cases being released, the $SHARX token strives to create value for its holders. $SHARX is rapidly emerging as a powerful force in the crypto world.

$SHARX token

Functions of

Discover a range of game-changing functions that redefine how your community engages on Twitter and revolutionize your social experience. Elevate your engagement without missing a beat and forge stronger connections with just a click.



Conduct a single tweet raid seamlessly with /raid [tweet url]. RaidSharksBot will focus your community on that single task to enhance engagement by liking, retweeting and commenting!

RaidSharksBot offers the option to mute the chat during an ongoing raid, ensuring heightened engagement with your tweet. A prevalent Telegram challenge lies in tweets getting overshadowed by conversations, especially within bustling communities. Traditionally, pinning a tweet was the sole means to maintain focus, but RaidSharksBot reshapes this norm, guaranteeing active interaction with your tweets.




Foster direct interactions as people engage with your tweets through commenting, all while staying within the Telegram environment using our innovative user interface.

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Like & retweet

There is no need for your community members to navigate away from Telegram. They can seamlessly like and retweet with a simple button press.

See RaidSharksBot in action

Unlimited potential

New functions

Innovation never rests with RaidSharksBot. Our quest for new horizons fuels a constant stream of updates and limitless possibilities. Your valuable community feedback propels us forward as we relentlessly enhance and introduce fresh functions. The journey of improvement is perpetual and the future holds exciting transformations.

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Our partners

Building bridges and creating legacies is the foundation of our partner bonds.

Our partners will be provided with all the upcoming features - free for life!

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All features of RaidSharksBot are 100% free to use*


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Features included
  • Raid
  • Comment
  • Like
  • Retweet
  • Setting goals
  • Chat muting
  • Support

  • No future functions included
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Embodying the agility and strength of sharks, our team's collaborative synergy propels us forward, carving a trail of inventive achievements.

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