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Most Advanced Raid Bot

Elevate your X game with our dynamic Telegram Raid Bot for unparalleled engagement!

Our Telegram raid bot addresses the lack of engagement within Telegram groups, offering a strategy to increase the engagement your content deserves. Through RaidSharksBot we empower you to bridge the gap between your endeavors and the engagement you seek.

Telegram Mini App

All data within an infinitely flexible interface


Identify most engaged community members

Raid & Analytics

Execute X raids and acquire valuable insights


Adjust all available settings within a slick UI


Adjust group targets and count only interactions from your community members on Telegram

Group Settings

Save all settings on group level and change only when needed

Raid Forwarding

Collaborate with your partner projects with joint raids to get even more exposure on X

Chat Mute

Focus your community on the raid by enabling the mute function and locking the chat

Live Stats

Engage your community to raid by letting them know who smashed during an ongoing raid


Preset your desired cashtags & hashtags so it can be copy-pasted on X with one single click

Tweet Preview

Show the text-based X post preview within the initial Telegram raid message


Pin your raid in Telegram to make the "Raid" Call-To-Action available at any time


Generate automatic raid suggestions on Tweets provided by your community within the chat

Repost Count

Decide if and in which frequency you want the initial raid message to repost itself within the chat

CSV export

Gain all relevant Leaderboard data for a detailed overview as a spreadsheet


Blacklist users from being shown on the leaderboard

See full Documentation

FEG took the opportunity to incorporate the very effective RaidSharksBot into its shilling strategy and the results so far have been simply incredible!


LINQ has been using RaidSharksBot for over a month now and it has been a wild success. The bots features continue to grow and the Raid Sharks team is extremely helpful & professional.


By far one of the most effective bots I know! Since we started using this in our community, activity has increased dramatically and we have gained many new investors. Very easy to use and the contact with the founding team is excellent!

Katana Inu

RaidSharksBot has been amazing for our community. It has changed the way we shill on X. And our community loves it, plus the team have been great.


RaidSharks is leagues and light years ahead of all competitors. If you want truly smooth functionality, true control of your raids, and if you're looking for a truly professional look in your telegram chat - RaidSharksBot is the only one currently on the market for you.


The top raid bot in all of crypto space. It's a must-have for bigger communities looking to conduct raids back-to-back without halting the entire conversation flow. The #AIARMY wouldn't dream of going without this raid bot anymore.

Any Inu

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White Label Solution

Unleash Your Brand's Social Power

Tailor every aspect of RaidSharksBot to reflect your brand's personality. From animations to bot's Telegram username, this is your canvas to create a truly unique social experience.

Project: FEG

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Next Level Ads

Advertise on Telegram like never before

Experience the revolution of advertising on Telegram with RaidSharksBot by displaying your Ads as graphical banners and receiving a detailed data on your ads such as a total number of impressions and clicks (CTR) - know exactly what you are paying for!

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